Arab & Egyptian Scientific Data Bank

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Welcome to the AESD

About AESD

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Arab & Egyptian Scientific Research Data Bank (AESD)
Institute of Graduate Studies and Research


Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt

(AESD) Founded by
: Prof. Dr. El-Sayed M.Salem

The work has been started in the Egyptian Scientific Data Bank since the year 1992.

It contains more than 500,000 Egyptian and Arab Scientific References.

Sources of data: summary of Diploma, MSc, MD, PhD, MPH, DRPH from different universities, faculties and institutes.

  • Abstracts of scientific papers published in scientific journals.
  • Abstracts of scientific papers published in scientific conferences.
  • Abstracts of scientific papers published in scientific symposia.
  • Abstracts of scientific papers published in scientific congresses… etc held in Egypt or outside Egypt by Egyptian scientists. These scientific papers are present in the proceedings and abstract books of these conferences.

AESD Benefits: Save time, save money, save efforts.


Thanks To

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To my great professors, deans, vice deans, editors of the scientific journals, my colleagues who offered their help without any hesitation in this difficult task and supplied me with the articles and magazines. A word of appreciation to all those who did not wait for any word thanks. I am sorry if I  forgot some of the messing names, this is my fault and please accept my  apology.  Their names will appear in soon coming times.

Who will benefit from AESD?

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  1. Candidates of MSC, PhD, MD, MPH, DRPH.
  2. Decision makers.
  3. Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Professors and their candidates, Scientists in the different fields of science.
  4. The special sector of the community who is concerned with projects to know the previous studies done before.


AESD! is used for?

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